How to fetch data in Part type page using a Query in NAV?

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First question is why query? Lets see the advantage of queries.

  1. First you can limit the amount of data you retrieve from the server by defining only the specific columns you need
  2. You can join multiple tables into one query saving loop code pattern.
  3. They are also light weight than Table Queries.

Below is the article which gives step wise procedure how to fetch data using a query and how to link it to a part page

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How to merge Items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ?


A lot of times clients create the same items, customers, vendors. Later they realize it and look for a solution to keep all data associated with item in one unit and avoid duplication of items.

Yes, we can achieve this in a few simple steps.

This blog articles explains how to merge two items into one in case where duplicates where created.

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Bar code Integration with Business Central



The bar code scanner scans the bar code. The Item No. against which the bar code is assigned should be populated on Sales Line Subform.


  1. The mouse cursor is on Sales Line sub form field No. and Bar code scanner scans a bar code.Once the bar code is scanned a Serial No. is populated on No. field of Sales Line sub form
  2. Customization should be done to fetch against which Item No. in Business CentralĀ  the Serial No. is assigned. The No. field in Sales Line sub form is replaced with the Item No, Location and Quantity from Item Ledger Entries.
  3. If the Item No is already present and cursor is again on the No. field and Bar code scanner scans again then the quantity will be plus 1

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How to create Cue tiles for fetching Pending approvals in a workflow in NAV?

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In an approval process, approval is sent to a designated person. The person is notified via email also he/she can view the requests in Request to approve page.

But,….there are times the person can forget to approve the request which may lead to delay in processes.

What if I login into Dynamics NAV where I get the count of approvals pending for me to approve? also on a click, if it navigates to Request to approve page where I can view the request, approve or reject it will be an added advantage !

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