How to get approval Link on Email Notification for Workflow?


We often configure email notification for workflows but to approve them User needs to Login and navigate to Request to approve page in NAV.

What if we get a link which directs us to the Request to approve page ? Saves time right! 🙂

This article explains how to get a approval link for Purchase Invoice approvals.

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How to create Notification part as an Extension for Dynamics NAV?

Hi Readers, I’m back with another blog on Extensions.


Notification has become very import part of our RoleCenters in Dynamics NAV. We get notified by emails or a note if our Job queues fail or some note send from a fellow employee but…… Notification is a System part hence its not visible if you use a web client i.e its a limitation of the web client. 😦

The good news is we can customise it. Yay! 🙂

This blog explains how to create Notification part and add to the Role Center using Extensions for NAV 2018.

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How to Create a Custom Approval Workflow in Dynamics NAV – Part 2 (with fob attached)

Celebrating 11000+ views and 7000+visitors for the year 2018. Thank you readers!

As many of them asked me to attach the .fob file. I’ve attached a link at the bottom for your reference.

For Part 1 chick here


Hi folks! I’m back with Part 2 of how to create custom approval workflow in Dynamics NAV. An overview of Part 1, we created an Event Publisher then we created function for sending approval then for approval, for reject and delegate. Part 2- Now we will continue with how to add these event functions to the library.

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