Upgrading D365 Business Central On-premise to D365 Business Central Online.


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My last blog was on Can we upgrade NAV to Business Central Online directly? If you haven’t seen it yet, please click here

This article covers the steps of how to upgrade from D365 Business Central On-premise to D365 Business Central Online.

Upgrade from NAV to Business Central online process consists of three parts:

  • Upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central using the tools described in Upgrading to Business Central on-premises.
  • Convert non-standard functionality and customizations to apps and per-tenant extensions. For more information, see Deploying a Tenant Customization.
  •  Connect to the intelligent cloud, and then switch to use the Business Central online tenant going forward.

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Functional tip: How to add a Centralized location code in Business Central ?

Introduction :


While setting up Customers and Vendors it does happen we tend to miss out the location code field. We either leave it for later and forget it or maybe we ain’t sure which location should be assigned to the Customer ?

Location field left blank then causes issue while we have transaction like Orders, Invoices to be processed.

The goods news is we can centralize the location code in Business central.

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Business Central: How will default Dimensions help the business ?


What are Dimensions and Dimension values in Business Central?

Dimensions are used to analyse data and categorise entries in NAV and Dimension values are the tags or labels to classify the record.

For e.g: Suppose a Manufacturing firm has three different sites – New York, London, Paris. Here Site is a Dimension and New York, London and Paris are Dimension values.

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